Eudon Choi catwalk show report | LFW A/W 2015





Kicking off the first day for London Fashion Week A/W15 with delicate prints and tailoring intrigue was Korean designer Eudon Choi. The powerful and feminine collection was threaded together with pops of bold colour and extended silhouettes.

Deep blue blanket scarves, with elongated gleaming white tassels, hung swathed across the shoulders and down along the body whilst sleek flares peeked out beneath, effusing a free-spirited 70s feel. Delicately piecing pink and black Chinese-style prints were used for long tailored jackets and tops paired with silk flares. Simple shiny sleeveless tops were tied around the waist with oriental style loose fitting belts.

Clashing circular and blocky colourful square cut-outs were motifs of the collection, with spheres adorning the bottoms of jackets and peeping out the sides of dresses throughout.

A laid-back worn grey leather jacket with fur trim and circular cut-out pockets stood out, layered over a thin tight-fitting turtle neck and paired with musky blue patterned flares that looked like they had stepped straight out of the film Dazed and Confused; precision checked tweed jackets with large lapels gave a tailored formality and were layered over masculine buttoned-up grey and white shirts.

Long structured silk dresses in blocks of black, golden canary yellow and cerise pink punctuated the collection with billowing structures jutting out across the body, showing off Choi’s understanding of tailoring, creating a shape much like a flower hanging upside down.

Though full of seemingly disparate elements, a hotchpotch of sorts, and lacking coherency, there were gleamings of brilliance in the collection’s simmering iridescence and fantasy silhouettes – Eudon Choi will be one to keep an eye on.

DAKS catwalk show report | LFW A/W 2015  


Set to a rumble of sexy funk, Daks’ A/W 2015 show began with a modernist checkerboard of red, white and black which adorned sharp silhouettes that seemed to have been beamed straight from the ‘60s.

Also conjuring up the decade were patent leather caps in letterbox red and black, complemented by patent leather ankle and knee-high boots. Black leather quilting accented bags, hats and belts throughout.

Models strutted down the catwalk with a stern sultriness that was reminiscent of a retro James Bond henchman, a kind of impersonality illustrated with low caps, skin covering gloves and at all times pointing to a retro-futuristic take on fashion.

The collection moved into muted beige and pale grey as menswear was sprinkled into the mix. Furthering the retro-futurism the menswear included tailored boiler suits with utility belt detailing – there was also a grey suit that would be fit for a mafia don in a alternate reality.

The third section of the show featured muted murky watercolour tulips printed onto whimsical fabrics that moved and flowed delicately with the body. Long elegant evening dresses with quilted leather busts and blouses with tight cuffs and billowing sleeves all seemed to reflect more of a late ‘60s, early ‘70s vibe, when the dream of the “Summer of Love” crumbled.

Combining the dictatorial anonymity of some imaginary police force, or elite chauffeur squad, with soft fabrics and flowing florals, Filippo Scuffi’s collection shows us the vulnerable human side to the sometimes faceless and flinty visage of fashion.

New fashion app: I Style Myself

I style myself - header image

Fashion and technology have been having a loving, harmonious relationship for a while now, and new fashion app I Style Myself thinks it has what it takes to add to the blossoming coupling.

Ever find yourself with a whole wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear? Clearly this isn’t true but you are not alone. The nothing-to-wear-yet-full-wardrobe paradox is not a new problem and it’s something that I Style Myself wants to help solve.

The idea behind the app is that the user uploads pictures of items in their wardrobe that they are currently uninspired by and then the app uses its clever little algorithm – much like a mini fashion stylist trapped in your phone – and conjures up the outfit of your dreams, you know, the one you wanted to wear all along but somehow just never seemed achievable. Ok, maybe it’s not all that magical, but if this will help neutralise the empty desperate feeling inside that is having nothing to wear, then surely it’s an app that all fashionistas will be happy with, right?

I style myself  - image 1

The app does take a while to get going, however: first you have to snap images of the clothes you want to upload (if you actually want to do your whole wardrobe this could take an age) and then it sets its little cogs working for you. Cleverly, the app works by learning what you like from the choices you make; for the outfit coordinations you hate you swipe left, for the ones you love, you swipe right. Simple. And it even suggests items that you could buy (within a price range) to go with the outfits.

I Style Myself is like playing with a doll and dressing it up in varying ensembles, except you are the doll and the options are something you might never have thought of. It might not be perfect but it’s a step towards having your own personal stylist and if anything is going to try and attempt to solve the problem of ‘what the hell am I going to wear tonight?’ then that is definitely technology going in the right direction.

 Becky Saunders

You can download I Style Myself here or check out their twitter @IStyleMyself

New Levi’s jean inspired by you

Header image - 501 CT

What more could you want than jeans designed with you in mind? Well, that is exactly what Levi’s have been up to with their classic 501s. Taking note of how these jeans are being worn out there on the streets, the brand have drawn inspiration from the changes that fans of the classic cut have been making to their beloved pairs, reinventing the jeans with the customer in mind. It’s like a match made in stylish heaven.

Popular the world over, the 501s have long been in the fashionable eye with fans making their personal touches to their own much-loved pairs: folding, tapering, rolling up, ripping and nipping – the creativity is endless. Cleverly, Levi’s haven’t let this go unnoticed. Focusing on the way many fans of the style taper in their 501s for a more narrowed look, they have created the 501 CT (Customized and Tapered).

Levi’s president James Curleigh said of the changes to classic style:

“For the 501 CT we have made the waist a little more square, a little less nipped-in than the classic 501, and we’ve taken a pinch of fabric out of the bum. Then the leg has been tapered down to the ankle. We tested the changes on many people, many shapes and sizes from different countries. We’ve found that people like to wear it different ways – the regular, relaxed boyfriend style, or wearing a bigger size so it sits lower on the hips and is baggier, or getting a smaller size and wearing it tighter.”

image 1 502ct


The brand have also taken inspiration for the 501 CT from images of celebrities such as Axl Rose, Bruce Springsteen, Winona Ryder and Cindy Crawford, tweaking its famous style to create more of a vintage look; tapering, squaring off and altering the fit whilst still achieving the comfort and casual everyday wear that is demanded by denim. Big names have been embracing the 501 trend from Taylor Swift to Beyonce, and it seems that jeans continue to be the most wearable piece in everyone’s wardrobe – that isn’t going to change anytime soon.


The new 501 CTs are available to buy here

Cara Delevingne stars in DKNY menswear campaign


She’s everywhere; starring in campaigns for Chanel, Topshop and Burberry (to name just a few), singing with the likes of Pharrell, showing off her acting skills in films and now Cara Delevingne, and her notorious eyebrows, have made their androgynous way over to the menswear side of fashion as she stars in the new S/S 2015 DKNY menswear campaign.

The campaign, photographed by Gregory Harris, sees Delevingne in a relaxed suit, tie and flatform combo, hanging out with skater Ben Nordberg, Jackson Hale and Sang Woo Kim at the Coleman Skate Park under the Williamsburg Bridge, New York. Without an overtly sexual pretext or blatant feminine styling, Cara stands alongside the guys, who are dressed in equally boss suits, striking a strong authoritative pose.

The campaign is an interesting one, not only because Cara also features in the DKNY S/S 2015 womenswear campaign images proving just how versatile her look really is, but also because it is an intriguing and powerful look at how traditional gender concepts are perceived. Yes, it may be that Cara doing anything a little bit wacky or shocking is pure internet-selling gold, but there’s something to be said for a huge fashion advertising campaign, promoting a girl just kicking back with some guys in a skate park and not being put in the spotlight because of her sexual attributes.

Fashion world – more of this, please!

SF Header image

Skin perfecting superfoods

The healthy heroes of perfect skin that don’t cost you a fortune or take an age to apply; superfoods really are as super as their name suggests. Eating or drinking them gives your body and skin the nourishment that they have been lacking.

Here are some of the top superfoods that really do mean you could eat your way to perfecting your complexion – and they’re delicious too!


Blueberries // Blueberries contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants found in fruit which will help to protect your skin from ageing. Their high levels of vitamin C will nourish your skin and keep it healthy. Get your daily blueberry fix by popping a handful into your cereal in the morning.

SF Photo 2

Romanesco broccoli // This weirdly colourful culinary oddity is a true super food. The alien-like broccoli-cauliflower hybrid is as amazing for your skin and body as it looks. Don’t be put off by its strange chameleon-like appearance, the Romanesco broccoli’s high carotenoids contents means that it can improve the appearance and tone of the of the skin as well as being an anti-inflammatory. The delicious nutty flavour of Romanesco broccoli means that it can be used is so many dishes. Why not give it a go?

SF Photo 3

Sweet potatoes // These tasty little bits of deliciousness actually have a lot of health benefits packed in to them and can work towards giving your skin the perk that it needs. Sweet potatoes are a lot healthier than their white counter parts and are bursting with vitamin C which is used by your skin to smooth out imperfections by helping in the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin firmness and strength so if your skin is looking a little bit dull, try having some sweet potatoes for dinner or lunch a couple of times a week.

SF Photo 4

Green tea // Green tea really is a wondrous thing. Rich in a type of bioflabonoid called polyphenols which contain antoxdiant, anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral qualities. Drinking 2-6 cups a day can really change your skin and help towards aiding weight loss too. Not only that but green tea proven to cut down your chances of skin cancer and actually reverse the effects of sun damage.

SF Photo 5

Leafy greens // Dark green leafy vegetables are among some of the best things that you could eat. Spinach, for example, is rammed full of nutrients and antioxidants. As you age the appearance of the skin changes, it becomes thinner and drier and loses some of its elasticity resulting in lines and wrinkles, dark green veg contains lutein which, in a recent study is said to keep not just your eyes healthy but help protect your skin from sun damage and help towards hydrating your skin.

Filling up on every superfood ever isn’t going to help your skin in the long run if your diet mainly revolves around burgers and pizza but if you are able to incorporate the truly superfoods into a part of you diet you will be able to see a difference, even if you have lived all of your life on pizza. The long term health benefits are truly worth it and your skin will be glowing too!

David Beckham creates H&M wardrobe



Footballing legend, style icon and extremely handsome man, David Beckham, is continuing his ongoing, already successful relationship with H&M. Following on from his Bodywear collection, which included him showcasing his athletic physic in some fetching pants, David will carry on the creative partnership with a selection of his favorite pieces from H&M’s Modern Essentials menswear collection.

David’s clothing picks for the fast fashion chain will show off his styling prowess as he creates the ultimate capsule wardrobe for men. In a statement about his ongoing creative partnership with H&M, he said: “I am thrilled to continue and extend my collaboration with H&M by selecting my favourite pieces from this spring’s Modern Essentials collection.”

The capsule wardrobe is made up of simple white shirts, linen bomber jackets and college baseball-inspired tops. The edit selections were modeled by David (who else?) in a disused warehouse in London under the direction of Marc Foster, famous for Quantum of Solace, amongst other films.

David himself says of the modern essentials collection: “Each piece is a new wardrobe classic that will update every man’s spring wardrobe with great style”. And with the lucrative Beckham name attached it is sure to be a successful venture for H&M too.

Steal his style: add some mannish luxe to your wardrobe

Boyfriend jeans and button-up shirts – the must-have, easy-to-wear style for this season is borrowed from the boys. Why not take some styling hints from the men in your life and add some masculine lines and shape to your wardrobe? Here are some of our favourite ways to wear one of the most wearable trends around right now.

Image 1

Navy shirt dress // Get the boyfriend style with this blue shirt dress from New Look. The masculine lines combined with the feminine silhouette created by the pulled in waist and gold detailing makes it a must have for the transition into spring. Navy Shirt Dress, New Look, £19.99


Monki Imoo boyfriend jean // Easy to wear and ridiculously chic, boyfriend jeans are the jeans to be seen wearing especially when teamed with the right pieces. Moni Imoo Boyfriend Jean, ASOS, £40


BDG oversized shirt // This oversized laid back loose fit white shirt is spot on for the mannish trend. Its versatility means it a key piece to add to your wardrobe. BDG Oversized Shirt, Urban Outfitters, £20

Image 4

Alpaca and wool jumper / The smart chicness of this alpaca wool jersey plays right into the hands of the straight cut masculine luxe trend. Alpaca and wool jumper, Cos, £55

Image 5

Black suede loafer // There is nothing more delicious than a classy loafer. The mixed textures and penny strap of this Vibe loafer means that this is shoe that you can wear with whole host of outfits to give them a little androgynous touch. Black Suede Loafer, Office, £68

Image 6

Stripe print shorts // Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t don a pair of shorts and have a little fun. These blue striped boyish boxer type shorts are spot and trend and really cute too. Stripe Print Shorts, Topshop, £32.00

Image 7

Timex tortoise unisex watch // Opt for the sleek sophistication of manly watch. Look for interesting textures and materials like this tortoise strap watch to really give your look a luxe feel. Timex Tortoise Unisex Watch, £60

Image 8

Bouclé coat // The boxy oversized look of this grey wool jacket works well thrown over almost any outfit and is elegantly smart not to mention it is the jacket to be seen wearing this winter. Bouclé coat, H&M, £49.99


Tartan scarf, £15, New Look

Tartan blanket scarves are everywhere right now – go for a thinner version and wear it loose over a blazer or tailored coat to give your look a manly twist.

Image 10

Masculine style blazer // The epitome of the mannish luxe look is the suit blazer. Go for unstructured oversized cuts with dropped shoulder seams for the, some guy has just leant me his jacket vibe because he thought I looked cold, vibe. Masculine Style Blazer, Mango, £29.99

The best celeb nail instagrams out there

The trend to cover your nails in all sorts of patterns and trinkets continues and more than ever it seems it’s just not going away. Nail art is getting bolder, brighter and more intricate by the day and it’s those crazy celebs on Instagram who are pushing the trend forward.

To prove it, here is a roundup of the best celebrities out there who are posting their “nelfies” (yeah, that’s right, it’s a thing now) to inspire us all to get more creative with our own nails.


Charlie XCX  // The new girl on the block that appeared on so many different tracks last year that we all got to know her pretty quickly, regularly shows off her own brand of nail art with bold prints and colours.


Kesha // Kesha’s glitzy and glamorous nail art designs feel like an extension of her glitter covered outfits.


Kylie Jenner // The Kardashian/Jenner girls love a good nelfie, but it’s the youngest of the bunch, Kylie Jenner, who posts the most on-trend manicure pics. How could you go wrong with baby blue teamed with actual diamonds?


M.I.A // M.I.A’s Instagram is filled with her own unique brand of 90s styling and her nails are pretty cool too. We particularly love this collage of logos!


Lily Allen // Winning as the queen of nail art, Lily Allen’s constant stream of new designs are becoming something for her Instagram followers to look forward to. The most recent pics of her freshly manicured talons are Japan-inspired and they’re extremely cool.

Ciaté names Olivia Palermo as guest creative director


The beauty and socialite that is Olivia Palermo is going to be lending her stylish eye to London-based nail polish brand Ciaté as she becomes guest creative director for 2015.

As if her life isn’t enviable enough, with front row seats to fashion shows and glamorous parties to attend, the former reality star and style aficionado has been asked to create some of her own nail polish shades for the leading nail care brand.

This new partnership seems to be one in a long line of relationships with companies: from working with e-commerce sites to designing shoes for charity, it appears that Palermo’s artistic touch is still very much in demand. The guest creative director role at Ciaté will see Palermo delve into her past design experience to create the Olivia Palermo X Ciaté London Colour Collection, which will include four limited edition nail polish collections, with the first being available in Sephora from May 2015.

The first of the four collections will include three new nail polish colours, with the follow-up autumn collection including cosmetics such as a moisture-rich lipstick, a smoky eye palette and a contouring compact. So it’s not long until we’ll be able to add a little of Palermo’s famous beauty to our own make-up bags.

Kurt Geiger makes foray into children’s footwear


For fans of the much-loved footwear and accessories brand Kurt Geiger, this has to be good news: the label has announced that it will be making its first foray into the children’s footwear market with the launch of a junior line this autumn/winter.

Initially, the new children’s line will be available in Kurt Geiger flagship stores as well as department stores, including Harrods and Selfridges. The best part of this new venture is that the junior collection will feature redesigned mini versions of “cult classics” and bestselling styles to fit children from new born to 11-year-olds. Die-hard fans of the niche shoe brand will, more than likely, clamber to get their hands on mini versions of the shoes for their little tots.

The move on Kurt Geiger’s part to make small versions of already successful designs is a savvy one. It comes after a financially successful year for the brand, which reported a 9% increase in sales, with online sales increasing 90% year-on-year.

In a separate move, Kurt Geiger is also set to take over the children’s footwear departments at Harrods and Selfridges with the introduction of a new store concept and 20 new brands. The label has also announced that they plan to launch a multi-brand children’s shoe website in the autumn.

It seems that the already successful label is poised for even more success with children’s footwear. Keep an eye out for little cuties looking more stylish than ever this autumn – let’s just hope they steer clear of stilettos!