Winter Wonderland


Last Thursday I got the chance to attend the press opening of Winter Wonderland. Winter Wonderland is a Christmas theme park put together over a few acres in Hyde Park, London, every Winter. The place is full of Christmas fun and jolliness which is part of the reason I was excited all day on Thursday; I knew I was going to get wrapped up warm and get in the Christmas spirit that evening.

I got off of the tube at Oxford Circus so that I could have a look at the bright Christmas lights that get strung across the street and draped over the shops. I love Oxford Street at night time, especially in the run up to Christmas; there is an excited buzz about it. I made my way up Oxford street to Hyde Park and through the bright arch that is the entrance to Winter Wonderland. I could smell all sorts of aromas: sweet waffles, German sausages, hot chocolate. Christmas music was coming out from behind the German market type stalls that sell all sorts of things from cheese to intricately painted ceramics.

I got really happy and excited the more I walked around the Wonderland. I had been before and knew that there were good rides and fun things to do. I went on the ferris wheel first, the views of London were beautiful from the top. I could see all of the dots of lights mapping out the city, highlighting shapes of famous buildings. There was Christmas music being pumped into my pod as it went round, making the experience magical.

The atmosphere was wonderful, making the place perfect for children especially (or your inner-child), but of course everybody was out to have a good time with their friends and family. I sought warmth at the bar in the busy Bavarian village for a beer to refresh me. There were a few celebrity faces too: Made in Chelsea people, Connor Maynard and Gok WanDamian Lewis (from Homeland) was behind me in the queue for a ride with his children.

Ice sculpted in to various creatures and creations was a spectacle in the Wonderland’s Ice Kingdom, I even had a go at sliding down the ice slide. The horror houses were hilarious, I felt like I was in an episode of Goosebumps. The rollercoasters, although not like the ones at proper theme parks, were a lot of fun and made my stomach flip just the same.

I left Winter Wonderland with a massive smile on my face, feeling like an excited kid. I had SO much fun. I want to go again!


Me in front of ferris wheel. Outfit – Coat: M&S , dress: New Look, boots: Topshop.


Bavarian Bar


Fun house


Pirate adventure


Zippo’s circus


Ferris wheel


View of Winter Wonderland from ferris wheel


London skyline and Winter Wonderland from ferris wheel


Ice sculpture


Ice palace


Ice troll


Roller coaster


Roller coaster


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